All the boys and girls can be Stars on Stage

  • Choose from 30 minute, or 1 hour classes
  • Weekly, Bi~weekly, monthly or whatever works for you!
  • We also offer one day & two day Musical Workshops
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classes include


singing   dancing   drama~play


  stagecraft    musical productions


  script writing     improvisations


…and much more fun…

Order original play~scripts of any length for your own music & drama department


Commission an original customized theme song for your school or camp, teacher or principal, counselor or upcoming special event!


Zola is also available for those one time special events, holiday shows , family picnics  and birthday parties



  • In Zola’s classes, the children perform age-appropriate songs with movement, expression and dance.
  • The material includes a mix of songs that are new and original, old and familiar, currently popular, Broadway show tunes and more.
  • The songs are woven into stories (“plays”) that are acted out, often with “lines” to say, creating original mini- “Broadway Musicals”. 
  • All children, regardless of talent, are given equal parts to ensure FAIRNESS.
  • (Longer parts for those
    who have attended the course longer and/or for older children.)



  • Skills learned include: Stage performance technique, acting with expression, dance and body control, singing, voice projection, communication, general stagecraft and more.
  • Building self confidence, self esteem and overcoming shyness
  • Social skills – working as a team member of a cast of actors, each responsible to each other and to the show’s success.
  • Sense of Responsibility and Commitment -  to the work (learning scripts, practicing songs)
  • Sense of fairness, moral values,
  • Understanding, Tolerance and Caring for friends, neighbors and the world around them,
  • A sense of fun, the importance of creativity, imagination and play.



Many repeat students, clients and referrals are testimony to Zola’s ongoing popularity!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Zola for the past 12 years …during which time she has worked in various capacities including teaching, performing and directing small theatrical plays.  She is kind, enthusiastic and always well prepared.  Zola communicates extremely well with her students. ..Her classroom and management skills are excellent and she is able to handle large groups of children easily. …As one of the most popular teachers at (this) Center, her programs are usually oversubscribed….Zola is very easy to work with and she would be an asset in a variety of positions.” 

--Barrie Keller (Cultural Arts Director, Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston)

“ Zola is an unusually talented musician, a dynamic teacher and a gift to children.”
--Barbara Meyer (Principal, Memorial Spaulding School, Newton, MA)

"Zola... reaches beyond entertainment.  She teaches girls and boys social skills, moral values and the importance of loving, understanding and caring for each other and the world around them. ...Zola stimulates imagination and artistry, build self confidence and fills children's minds with fresh ideas and a sense of wonder!"
Kim Storey, Ed. D. ( Magicbooks Video).